Auto Loan Offers that turn heads

The summer of 2015 was hot, really hot, and the same were the expectations to attract new customers to act on our auto loans by the end of summer.  We had done all types of marketing in the past focusing around interest rates, terms and other features, but this time we started from scratch by splitting our audience into two and designed communications specifically for them based on the features that usually appealed to them as found in research data. 

The creative brief was ambitious: attack the two different audience groups three times in a three-month period by mail using different types of mailers, coupled with three emails that followed up each mailer.  In total the deliverables were 6 different mailers, and 6 different emails. 

For the first piece, we created a self-mailer with 6 panels (three on each side).  This piece reinforced facts about the offer.  The second piece was a letter with a well designed outer envelope that highlighted how the audience could save more with our offer.  The third piece was a post card that reinforced a specific benefit of the offer. 

For the audience targeted with the new vehicle offer, the look portrayed a close up of a bright red car, close enough to see the specs of paint.  The headlines were designed to look like chrome logos.  The design was to be simple, to help focus on the message.  The emails also followed the same look but were designed to fit the digital space with strong headers.

Self mailer for new vehicles - Mailer #1

Letter and Envelope for new vehicles - Mailer #2

Post card for new vehicles - Mailer 3

Accompanying Emails for new vehicle offer

For the audience targeted with pre-owned vehicle offers, we designed the same three mailers and emails but with a different look than the new vehicle offer.  The style utilized pattern in the design which was made profound by the integration of real customer testimonial photography. 

Self-mailer for pre-owned vehicles - Mailer #1

Letter and envelope for pre-owned vehicles - Mailer #2

Post card for pre-owned vehicles - Mailer #3

Accompanying emails for pre-owned vehicle offer

There were constants on both audience creative looks, such as the the integration of real customer testimonial photography, the use of our brand colors, and clean design and simple messages that are easy to digest.  Within each campaign, we kept the same fonts and effects to enhance the story from one piece to another.  The project was so well received, it exceeded our loan goals.