Deploying a new brand of Credit Cards

In looking back at some of the big projects I have worked on in the last year, one comes to mind, the Visa Signature card deployment.  The work involved creating a design for the plastics and then cohesively create the brand identity to support it. 

This journey actually began 3 years ago when I started conceptualizing designs for our plastics portfolio.  We were very limited in what we could do due to some prior Disney corporate relationships, but we took that as a perfect opportunity to strengthen our own brand by creating a pattern of what we call "doinks" (the iconic exclamation point at the end of our brand mark.)

We developed the design to continue the color scheme of the cards.  The style for the Visa Signature launch includes the use of red and black, two of our main brand colors.  Black was used as the ground where to lay the text for the luxury feeling it evokes when placed next to aspirational lifestyle photography.  A light version of Helvetica was used for the copy to make the content easy and inviting to read, while a bold option was chosen for headlines.  We used metal inks for all copy on the brochures and envelopes to give the presentation a higher quality finish.  Our style guide uses a red bar on the top of our brochure line and to continue the layout style and keep it consistent with other collateral, I created a more upscale bar with a field of doinks and a metal surface effect behind them which plays well with the photo assets below the bar. 

The full campaign includes:

  • two different application brochures (a generic version with a blank application form and a pre-approval letter version),
  • a specially made envelope to accompany the brochure,
  • Push slips,
  • print and electronic posters for displaying at specific branch locations,
  • web site presence (banner ads, carrousel hero image slide, sub-header image, tout image)